Moment Marketing: What is It About & It’s Importance For Brands In 2021-With Examples!

So what is Moment Marketing?
Ever seen a brand or a company use some issue, event or any other current/ ongoing conversation to further their marketing? That is exactly what it is. When a brand/ company uses some or the other ongoing flow to get on with the flow. This not only brings them up front but it also makes them relatable. And we all know how being #relatable can bring us closer. 

What do we need to watch out for when we want to use moment marketing?

  1. Viral trends. We all know how effective virality is. It’s literally out there in front of us right now. 
  2. The need of the hour. What needs to be talked about? What are things people need to be made aware of? 
  3. Current topics/ news. Keep up to date. 

Why is it important?
One of the many things the pandemic has done to us is make us spend more time online. The world is going more online whether we like it or not. We are working from home, ordering from home and spending more and more time at home. And a lot of that home time is online time.
And what do we look at online? Digital presences. Whether they be a brand, business, dog, cat, person, company, commodity, etcetera. And what we consume from them gets stuck in our head. It influences us. 

And if it comes with a message, it influences us more. A current example would be vocal for local. What this essentially entails is supporting local brands by buying from them and giving them business instead of letting our money flow outside. This will not only get you what you need but also help some local business out. 

This is where moment marketing kicks in too. If you see a brand rolling out a new product or service, attached with ‘Consent’, then wouldn’t it make the brand seem more conscious? This is because it is an ongoing issue and needs to be talked about more. Something else would be ‘Environment’. It is dying and if the idea of damage control is promoted with the service, then doesn’t it make the product seem more reliable? 

A few other examples would be Diwali, Christmas or the New Year. 

Now that we are talking #vocalforlocal, let’s talk some facts local. 

One, India has the second-largest number of smartphone users globally and the number is only increasing. 

Two, we Indians spend an average of about 288 minutes (nearly 5 hours) on our smartphones daily. 

What does this mean? This simply means we are spending a tonne of time on our devices online and that it can be used to promote something good whilst selling something.
Now picture this. You own a bakery. What would happen if someone who wants cake searches on the internet? Say, your business with a couple of others pops up. When the person checks a few options out and if they see your cake with a nice message which is helpful in the current times, wouldn’t they be more inclined to buy from you? 

The business or brand can be anything. You might be in the paints and furniture business or selling clothes. Moment marketing can help you embrace the moment. 

How would it be helpful?

  1. As we said, it will help embrace the moment. Moments make memories and moment marketing will make you memorable. 

           Agar moment marketing nahi kiya, toh kya kiya?? 

           (If you didn’t leverage moment marketing, then what did you leverage?)

  1. Like we also said, it will make you relatable. It will make it easier for you to enter conversations. And conversations lead to conversions through the bougainvillaea of connections. So what are you doing? 
  2. If we become memorable and relatable, then we become a part of someone’s life. A part that someone will keep coming back to with no promotion required. It is organic marketing and real-time connection. 

Things you should keep in mind while moment marketing. 

1: Timing.
It is so crucial.
 Take these for example.
As the tweet says, this was done when it was running in Mumbai. Cool  right?


And this one was done during a half an hour power outage in a 2013 Super Bowl game. Cool again right?

2: Humour.
Use it. The examples in the above point clearly show how effective humour is.

3: Memes.
Do we even have to say more? They are one of the few universal languages available now.

4: Keep it real.
Be authentic. Faking is only going to drown you.

5: Events and occasions.
Is it a festival or a world cup? Use them for communication.

6: Ride the waves.
They will keep coming and going. Like fashion trends or any other trend/ fad for that matter. These things change every moment and you have got to take those moments.

7: Last but not the least, banter battles.
Wage and engage in some good-natured, fun, healthy conversations and   banter to keep the people hooked. This also keeps their attention. And attention is the new currency. 

Moment Marketing Examples




How we at TBC are practising moment marketing.

We are a digital marketing agency and have and continue to work with brands to strike while the iron is hot. The below examples of Indian Chai Company and Uclean will show you how moment marketing can be used when trends or moments are at their peak. Prominent examples are Donald Trump’s ‘STOP THE COUNT’ tweet and Yashraj Mukhate’s ‘kya karu main mar jau’ short mashup he released. 

I think we can all hear ‘kya karu main mar jau? Tuadda kutta tommy, sadda kutta kutta’. 


This brings us to the end of this blog but not the end of moment marketing. One good thing you will realize about this type of marketing is that you don’t have to work too hard at it. Sure, you will have to keep up with the trends which can get daunting but you don’t have to do it. A simple google search about the current trends is all you need and you just have to ride along with it. A boat rises as the water rises with it. So keep changing waters this way and you will be well on your way of moment marketing. A surfer does the same thing. The surfer gets on new waves as they come and go. You can do the same. It will obviously take some practice as is the case with anything and with time you will get better. If as a social media marketing agency, especially a marketing agency in India, you are not leveraging social media marketing when we have the worlds’s second largest population and are nearing the largest, then what are you doing? 

Later, don’t tell us we didn’t tell you. Because we will tell you, we told you so.