#UdneDo With UClean

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Gone are the days when women were only confined to their homes. Now, they have reached the moon and are constantly reaching new heights.

This Women’s Day, our campaign for UClean showcased the importance of giving the freedom they deserve and wings to fly high. UClean is focused on building India’s first chain of laundry and home cleaning stores.

This whole campaign was carried out through various posters, all in our mother tongue, depicting how powerful women are but how powerless we have made them by pushing them down and creating unnecessary hurdles for them.

Rather than educating people about their rights, we are making it difficult for them to live freely, with each passing day. Be it a right as basic as education, or to what should they wear, when should they go out, the society makes these basic things a luxury for them.

Through this campaign we tried to sensitize people about women’s plight today and how it needs to drastically change. The campaign received a lot of love from UClean’s followers on Instagram And Facebook.