The Light Of Your Lives

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Talking about the light of our lives, nothing can beat the fire a woman has and the way she leads her life, paddling through all the stigmas, yet with the brightest smile on her face.

For its Women’s Day campaign, India’s upcoming building automation brand, Lightomated focused on showing the mirror to people and making them realize how bold and bright women are and without them our lives would be meaningless. Lightomated showcases the most premium brands in Home automation and eases the life of its customers by getting the entire product control to one touch.

The campaign was carried out through various social-media creatives describing the important role women play in our lives and they are the only constants we have in all our ups and downs. No matter how bright a light is, when a woman sets her eye on something, nothing burns brighter than her.

The campaign reached out to a lot of people and we hope it brings some positive changes in our society for women.